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On March 2, my husband and I flew from Phoenix to Chicago.  There, we awaited the only flight being allowed into Cincinnati that afternoon.  A wicked storm system was building and air traffic was in turmoil.  Two of the three flights to Cincinnati were canceled.  There were rumors that a half hour window of good weather would allow our plane to make its way to our destination. 

Of course, we were anxious.  We didn’t want to be stranded at O’Hare.  We wanted to safely travel to northern Kentucky to be with our younger son and daughter-in-law for the baptism of their second child, our first granddaughter.  Joining us would be our oldest son, daughter-in-law, and three grandsons.  Our granddaughter’s other grandparents and great-grandfather would be gathering with us.  Oh, to greet newborn Kate and witness her becoming a new person in Christ.  Little did we know that we would all be gathering in the eye of the storm

Our sure and steady pilot did, indeed, find a “hole” in the gathering storm clouds.  We landed, disembarked, and within fifteen minutes heard sirens.  Someone said the airport was being evacuated.  Security guards told us to move away from the windows and take cover.  A tornado had been sighted.  No one knew what to do.  Where was a vulnerable person supposed to find shelter in a massive, glass-encased building?  I remember feeling no fear.  Perhaps it was foolish, but my husband and I decided to do the best we could and proceed with our original plan.  We went outside and hailed the shuttle bus to the car rental site.  The driver was calm.  Yes, he was listening to radio reports and storm warnings; nevertheless, he, too, proceeded forward.  There were no other travelers standing in line to rent a car but us.  The woman behind the counter kept glancing out the window, yet continued filling out papers, saying, “Let me get you on your way.  Here.  For no additional charge, take the bigger car parked out front.  It will be safer in the wind.” 

Once in the car, my husband and I navigated away from the airport and to our hotel.  There was only one moment when the uncertainty seemed to elevate emotions.  The moment passed and we found ourselves approaching the hotel just as the sun appeared from behind dissapating clouds.  Our uncertainty and concern had not been only for ourselves.  Kate, her parents, and her big brother, Max, were also in the eye of the storm.  Our son stood watch at the window, ready to lead his family to the basement if necessary.  Our oldest son and daughter-in-law with their three sons were due in Louisville within an hour or so of us.  Later, we learned that some of the greatest destruction was a few miles north of Louisville.  But, our family was spared.

Which of us knows when or where we will be in the eye of the storm?  Each day of life can bring with it uncertainties.  Difficulties.  Disappointments.  The need to adjust plans.  Make quick decisions.  Face fearful situations head on.  There can be a calm in the eye of the storm.  Life experiences have proven to me that while I may move away from God, He never moves away from me.  He often shows Himself most clearly when everything around me is swirling and supposedly out of control.

I thank my Heavenly Father for safely bringing baby Kate’s family to gather at her baptismal font.  In the challenges of her life, may Jesus Christ be her Rock.  Confidence.  Peace that passes all understanding.  May the Holy Spirit who has begun a good work in her give her wisdom and courage in the face of fear. 

Or in the eye of the storm.

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I’m a tolerant person.  Tolerant of people, but not of the wrong things people do.

I have no tolerance for socially experimenting with children, stripping away their innocence, and setting them up for a fall.  I see the mission of pro-sodomy groups who know they can’t have their own children so absolutely must recruit other people’s children.  I’ve studied more than I ever wanted to know about Margaret Sanger, Alfred Kinsey, Planned Parenthood (PP), and SIECUS.  I am convinced: evil does exist.

What else should we call PP’s Northwest Region’s promotion of “Where Did You Wear It?”

The Daily Caller is reporting that, as part of National Condom Week, the nation’s largest abortion factory is selling and distributing 55,000 condoms with QR codes that allow users to “check in” and plot their GPS location on the interactive PP “Where Did You Wear It? map.

The PP site asks users: “Did you use a condom to protect yourself against unwanted pregnancy, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases?”  Once answered, PP offers up encouragement like “You Go tiger!” and “Safe sex should be shared.”  Users can then anonymously brag about intimate details of their allegedly safer sex experience.

PP asks users to describe the experience by choosing from PP-suggested phrases like “Ah-maz-ing,” “rainbows exploded . . . ,” (ezerwoman chooses wisely not to give more examples).  Finally, users are asked to answer the question, “Where did you wear it?” and then encouraged to share their entire experience with the world through direct links to Facebook and Twitter.

Penny Nance of Concerned Women for America calls this “the most despicable mockery of love, marriage and the private relationship between a man and a woman” that she’s ever seen.  Even worse, “our tax-dollars are actually funding this organization that so brazenly undermines our values.”

Yes.  Evil does exist.  And evil has no desire for a generation of hope.

This Sunday, March 4, my fifth grandchild is going to be baptized.  Kate joins a big brother, Max, and three big boy cousins, Jaden, Ethan, and Andrew.  These young lives are proof that hope exists.  You can be sure that I will stay in this battle between good and evil for their sake… and for as long as I have breath.  I will talk to my grandchildren about patient love.  Friendship and trust.  Courtship and marriage.  I will guard the gate of their modesty.  I will encourage them to bring glory to God rather than to themselves as males and female.  I will always remind them that they are on a journey to an eternal destination.  And… I promise to help them journey well by warning of deception and teaching the truth.

George Orwell said, “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

The revolution for a new generation begins with each parent.  Grandparent.  Resisters of evil – all!

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In Alberta, Canada, homeschooling families, may soon be forbidden from teaching that homosexual sex is sinful as part of their schooling program.  Under the province’s Education Act, homeschoolers and religious schools will be banned from “disrespecting” people’s differences. 

“Whatever the nature of schooling – homeschool, private school, Catholic school – we do not tolerate disrespect for differences,” said Donna McColl, assistant director of communications to Alberta’s Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk.  “You can affirm the family’s ideology in your family life, you just can’t do it as part of your educational study and instruction.”  McColl added that Christian homeschooling families can teach biblical lessons on homosexuality in their homes, “as long as it’s not part of their academic program of studies and instructional materials.”  (Told to LifeSiteNews in February 2012.)  The legislation, known as Bill 2 in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, requires that all schools “reflect the diverse nature and heritage of society in Alberta, promise understanding and respect for others and honor and respect the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Alberta Human Rights Act.” 

The Human Rights Act has been used to target Christians who hold biblical beliefs about homosexuality.  In 2009, the Alberta Human Rights Act was amended to classify marriage as an institution between two “persons,” rather than a man and a woman. 

Paul Faris, president of the Home School Legal Defence Association of Canada, said, “The long arm of government wants to reach into family’s homes and control what they teach to their own children in their own homes about religion, sexuality and morality.  The Progressive Conservative government has 67 of the 83 seats in the Alberta Legislature, so the bill is almost certain to pass.

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