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It’s Worth a Try!

This is my first blog.  I’ll admit that I had to be nudged.  Is there time?  It’s all I can do to keep my journal current, e-mails answered, cards sent, and letters written (yes, some with actual pen in hand!).  And now a few friends actually want me to blog, too?  Articles, websites, booklets, brochures… is it wise to add more?   Well, who knows?  Maybe, in a quiet moment, a thought or two will be worth sharing.  As for the friends who talked me into this, well, because they’re so wise, witty and winsome, I’ll be posting a few of their thoughts, too.  There is much happening on this journey of life.  There are so many lessons being learned.  So, with a sincere desire to be a “helper” (Hebrew: ezer, woman), I will give this experimental blog a try — with the commitment to encourage my neighbor (that’s you, the reader!).

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