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Within a month, a dangerous new abortion drug named Ella will be available at pharmacies.  Ella was approved by the FDA and is being marketed as an emergency contraceptive drug, but it is an abortion drug similar to RU-486 that poses a variety of health risks to women.

Studies in England show that not only is Ella embryo toxic, but it also causes birth defects and starves the baby to death if taken five days after sexual intercourse.  The abortion industry and the FDA, reports Students for Life of America, is apparently hiding the truth about Ella.

Here are the hidden facts:

  • Ella is an abortion drug, not a contraceptive
  • Ella acts in virtually the same way as RU-486, which has killed dozens of women across the world.
  • Ella induces abortion, which increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer by 40%.
  • Because Ella is not classified as an abortifacient, our tax dollars can fund its distribution.
  • Men can give Ella to their pregnant wives and girlfriends without their knowledge, causing abortion.

Students for Life of America reports that the FDA voted unanimously not to inform women that Ella causes abortion.  It also refused to consider clinical trials on whether it causes birth defects, even though evidence suggests that it does.

For more information, Google or Bing Students for Life of America, National Right to Life, or Lutherans For Life.

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