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Does it seem that the culture is captive to the lie?  Chuck Colson recently quoted T.M. Moore who writes, “The lie insists that God either does not exist or is not really relevant to human happiness . . . [that] every human being must decide for himself” where and how to find happiness. 

The lie is ancient.  It’s old human stuff with repetitive consequences of disappointment, despair and death.   It’s the root of “my body,  my choice.”   Broken relationships.  Hopelessness. 

But, looking around me, I see the lie being faced head on.  Denounced.  Stripped of its power.   

It is denounced by Terry and Connie whose son, Chris, suffers a malignant brain tumor.  Certainly God has so many things to accomplish using their son in his vocations of husband, father, and pastor.  Yet, knowing how many times my friends have seen God bring contentment out of chaos in their lives, I am confidant that their happiness is not dependent on having their will be done.   They are resisting the lie by choosing to see how the Lord of life is at work even in the weakness of their son. 

It is denounced by Dagny who once thought an abortion would return happiness to her life.  She was deceived, but only for a while.  The pain of her choice helped her confront the lie.  The Word of the Lord released her from its grip.  It is that Word that brings new mercies to her every morning.    When I first met Dagny, she was timid and surprised that God could use her for anything good.  Today, I see a woman of courage and conviction.  Reality is not her youthful dream, but evidence that God involves Himself in the day to day affairs of those who love Him.   Her happiness is not what she has created, but what God is doing in spite of her for others. 

It is denounced by Marta whose young heart longs for true love.  More than anything, she desires to be a wife and mom.  To make a home.  Two men have asked for her hand in marriage.  But, at the core of each love-offering was the lie.  Both of these men promised her happiness shabbily wrapped in conditional love.  Marta believes that God is relevant to her life.  Where self-help books and human opinions fail her, God’s Word does not.  It calms her fears and sheds light in dark corners.  It reminds her that she is more than the desires of her heart.  She is eternal soul.  And, says Marta, who knows my soul better than the God who made it?

It was denounced by a young Austrian bride named Traudi who left parents, siblings, and the life she knew to follow her husband to America.  I’d like to tell Traudi’s story, but it requires a blog of its own.  Will you be patient while I gather my thoughts?  I want to explain why remembering Traudi has always helped me face the lie head on. 

Contrast it with Truth. 

Silence the liar.

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