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Christian young womanThis government has failed to defend our daughters and granddaughters.

With its blessing of Planned Parenthood, this administration embraced a profiteering assembly line dangerous to women and fatal for children.  Now, the administration has decided not to fight a judge’s ruling to allow girls of any age to get the morning-after-pill over the counter – with or without parental permission.  Shame on this administration.

In fact, shame on us all – parents, grandparents and the Church – for approving pills, shots, and devices for our girls instead of providing boundaries, long-term mentoring, and truth about their bodies, minds, and souls.

The young women in my life are worth defending.  Because I respect them as persons, I lovingly tell them the truth.  It is for this reason that I vow to continue mentoring privately in my home, one on one, and publicly through Titus 2 Retreats.  I begin with an apology for the women of my generation who were deceived during a silly season of feminist fantasies.  Today, those fantasies are the social norm for our daughters and granddaughters.  The mantra hasn’t skipped a beat: Men and women are just the same.  But, no matter how a feminist might want to manage, minimize or manipulate the female body, she cannot fool the Master Designer.

Our daughters are not the same as our sons.  Girls are influenced by oxytocin.  This hormone produces a warm, cuddly feeling with the touch or kiss of a boy.  Oxytocin is great for married women who want to bond with their husbands, but not so great for 16-year-olds.  Girls are not ready for sexual intimacy.  Their pre-frontal cortex, the thinking and decision-making part of their brain, is not fully developed and ready for dependable use until the late teens or early twenties.  Girls have a sensitive ecosystem.  The cervix plays a vital role in female sexual health, but can actually increase a girl’s vulnerability to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) because it, too, is undeveloped.  A mature cervix can better guard against infection with its layers of 20-30 cells, but an immature cervix has only one layer of cells.  Might this be the reason why girls under the age of twenty are hit hardest by the STD epidemic, most especially HPV and Chalmydia?  (HPV can cause cervical cancer.  Chalmydia can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages, and infertility.)  A girl’s cervix is easily penetrable and becomes a nesting place for nasty bugs whose single purpose is to multiply.

So, when our government and the laws of this land disregard the science of our daughters’ anatomy to instead guarantee them access to the morning-after-pill, how must parents with the support of the Church respond?  We should confess our own failures and then press boldly forward to defend those entrusted to our care.

It is to moms and dads that God entrusts children.  God does not leave parents ill-equipped but gives them everything they need in His Word.  The Church is to support parents in their courageous endeavor.  Shamefully, it is parents who have handed over their mentoring responsibility to government schools.  Every day, in public schools across the country, the government educates our children in sex.  Shamefully, parochial schools assist busy or overwhelmed parents by wrapping Jesus around government-produced sex-ed material.  But whether in a public or parochial classroom, talking a great deal about sex and encouraging a child’s celebration of sexuality has sure and certain consequences for vulnerable bodies and minds lacking maturity of judgment.

The government, confident in its role of educator, also sees itself as problem-solver.   Shamefully, fearful parents entrust their daughters to government-funded industries such as Planned Parenthood and chemical companies who produce the before-sex-pill, the after-sex-pill, the just-in-case-shot, and the use-it-and-be-safe-device.

God did not give to government the role of parenting.  Government has no personal, vested interest in helping girls be patient for love while their bodies mature and their brains kick in gear.  Government was instituted by God to guard life and the pursuit of right things, make safe the highways and byways, and stand against enemies of the state.  An amoral government has more interest in perpetuating itself rather than the people it was instituted to serve.

The government and courts of law have a voice.  They can mandate a policy or a procedure.  But they have no hands to pick up the pieces, no arms to hold the sick and dying, no way to nurture relationships, no heart and soul to comfort the brokenhearted and hopeless.

Parents and grandparents have a voice, too.  With informed voice, we must dare to speak truth even at risk of being labeled intolerant or judgmental.  And, while we speak, we can do what no government can do.  We can use our hands to lead away from danger, our arms to embrace the confused and fearful, our homes as safe places to mentor and nurture relationships, our hearts to love unconditionally, and our souls to bring hope in the midst of hopelessness.

Note: I highly recommend Unprotected and You’re Teaching My Child What?
by Miriam Grossman, M.D.

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