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My mother died of breast cancer.  My aunt died of breast cancer.  My cousin died of breast cancer.  My niece, at age 28, was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy because she wants to beat the disease.  Dear friends of mine are bravely battling breast cancer.

With these women in mind, and in good conscience, I haven’t been able to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  That’s because Komen helps to fund Planned Parenthood.  This has always concerned me for a number of reasons, one of which is the connection between abortion and breast cancer.  I can’t support any organization that wants to prevent something as life-threatening as breast cancer by giving to an organization that makes a profit doing abortions.

PP has claimed, over and over, that it provides mammograms for poor women.  It claims to help poor women most especially in Hispanic and African-American neighborhoods.  However, PP doesn’t do mammograms.  Apparently, at PP locations nationwide, only manual palpations are provided.  That’s sub-standard for low-income women, especially black women whose incidence of breast cancer is higher than any other demographic.  Instead of funding PP, I wonder if Komen would purchase mammograms for caring pregnancy centers like the one in my community?   Then, Komen could be sure that their money wasn’t going to a monolithic, already government-funded, profit-making provider of abortions.  Abortions which put women at risk perhaps of breast cancer, but most certainly of some other physical, emotional, or spiritual harm.

The debate over the abortion/breast cancer connection may continue for years.  That’s because it can be difficult to honestly examine all the facts when two ideologies are opposed.  Or when money and politics hold sway.  Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, a Clinical assistant professor of Surgery at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey, has seen firsthand how abortion hurts women.  Dr. Lanfranchi has extensively explained how abortion increases breast cancer.  She has treated countless women facing breast cancer.  Angela Lanfranchi, M.D., was named a 2010 Castle Connolly NY Metro area “Top Doc” in breast surgery.  She testified under oath in a 2002 California lawsuit against PP that she had private conversations with leading experts who agreed abortion raises cancer risk, but they refused to discuss it publicly, saying it was “too political.”   

If you’re willing to study the connection between abortion and breast cancer for yourself or a loved one, there are other doctors like Professor Joel Brind, endocrinologist at Baruch College in New York who, together with others, published a 1996 paper in the Journal of Epidemiol Community Health showing a 30% greater chance of developing breast cancer for women who’ve had induced abortions.  You might also visit the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer.

There was a glimmer of hope earlier this week.  Komen announced that it was going to stop their annual grants to PP.  But, now it appears they have changed their mind.  PP had a little something to do with that.  PP doesn’t like it when communities or congressmen like my own Steve King or Florida’s Cliff Stearns stand up to it.  PP doesn’t like it when they are exposed for covering up under-age prostitution and sexual abuse.  PP doesn’t like it when clinic directors walk away because they can’t deceive women any longer.  PP doesn’t like it when American taxpayers tell the government to stop pouring more money into their already overflowing coffers.  PP’s annual report of 2008-2009 notes that they received a record $363 million from government grants and other taxpayer funds.  They set another record that year by performing over 324,000 abortions.  As Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana said, “The largest abortion provider in America should not also be the largest recipient of federal funding under Title X.”  But, apparently, U.S. tax dollars aren’t enough.  When it appeared their partnership with Komen for the Cure might be broken, PP moved quickly.  What happened this week is a powerful message from PP to the country: Don’t mess with us. 

PP is like any organization.  It has a mission.  PP started under the direction of Margaret Sanger and has remained true to the ideology and mission of eugenist Sanger.  Sanger specifically set up her clinics in black communities.  Today, PP has located nearly four-fifths of its American clinics (79%) in minority neighborhoods.  Abortion has killed more black children than the totaled numbers of AIDS and violent crimes.  PP is in the population control business.  It also works to separate children from parents and train adolescents to “follow their sexual instincts.”  Visit PP’s TeenWire web site (www.teenwire.org) to learn that PP considers boys with boys and girls with girls as a “normal” sexual choice and an effective form of birth control. 

PP is a place women turn to in times of fear and desperation.  PP may bring momentary relief, but it brings no joy.  Someone dear to me still carries the PP receipt of her abortion in her wallet together with a photo of what her child might have looked like cut out from a magazine.  That child is her only child.  There were no more.  This woman also mourns another life, that of her sister who died from breast cancer.  I know my friend wants to help raise awareness and fund cancer research.  But, she also wants to help lead women away from other harmful things.  Like cervical cancer, STDs, and sterility.  For that reason, she supports advocacies for women that don’t partner with PP.

Sources: Concerned Women for America
and LifeNews, 1-2-2012

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On behalf of women and children, I thank the Susan G. Komen Foundation for stopping all grants to Planned Parenthood.  Those grants were in excess of a half million dollars annually.  Why did Susan G. Komen pull their funds away from Planned Parenthood?  Because Komen will no longer fund organizations that refer clients elsewhere for mammograms.  Planned Parenthood claims they do mammograms, but they don’t.

Please send a “thank you” to Susan G. Komen (news@komen.org)

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My personal “tour guide” at Planned Parenthood was friendly.  I did not doubt that she genuinely believed she was part of an organization that wanted to help women.  However, two-thirds of the “tour” was was spent explaining where the client has her abortion and how long it takes her to recover before leaving by way of the side door.

So, Planned Parenthood: “Fess up!  You benefit from multiple private donors, yet you fight tooth and nail for my tax dollars.  Why is it so important that government fund and, thereby, endorse you?

My “tour” of Planned Parenthood was many years ago.  It — and countless conversations with women who left your clinics by the side door — influenced me to warn mothers and daughters away from your place of business.  I have read your brochures, become familiar with your recommended textbooks and classroom topics, studied your reports, and visited your web site for teens.  You do not view men, women, relationships, marriage, or family as God does.

So, come clean Planned Parenthood and “fess up!

If you’re all about women’s health care, why do you:

  • Teach the “art and science” of premarital sex to elementary, middle and high school children?
  • Encourage boys and girls to “test their sex savvy” and engage in interactive games such as “Jim Dandy and His Very Gay Day”?
  • Tell boys and girls that even though their parents may not understand, any sexual activity is “normal” as long as the two people involved “give” and “receive pleasure”?
  • Teach the “ABCDs of LGBT Dating” (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender)?
  • Help child predators by covering up illegal sexual activity, child abuse, and statutory rape?
  • Drive a wedge between parents and children?
  • Promote promiscuity and sexual disorders?  (Note: My conscience does not allow me to include quotes or paraphrases from Planned Parenthood publications and web sites.  I invite my readers to do their own research and have included sources.)
  • Mislead adolescents and teens with the idea of “safer sex”?
  • Perpetuate the lie that you are a “health care” organization when, in one year alone (2001), you dispensed 458,892 emergency contraception kits (“morning after pill”), performed 213,026 surgical abortions and 25,000 chemical abortions, but in your nearly 900 “health centers” saw only 15,618 clients for prenatal care (1 for every 13 abortion clients) and made only 1,951 adoption referrals (1 for every 109 abortion clients)?

“Fess up, Planned Parenthood!  If you’re all about women’s health care, why don’t you:

  • Show expectant moms the ultrasound of their baby?
  • Inform women that abortion may be legal, but it is not necessarily safe?
  • Applaud the work of caring pregnancy centers that affirm the physical, psychological, and spiritual wellness of girls and women before, during, and after pregnancy as well as to mothers grieving their aborted children — all without government assistance?  (In 1997, I co-founded one of these caring pregnancy centers in my community and continue to serve as a volunteer, mentor, and board president.)
  • Warn women about the connection between abortion and breast cancer?
  • Help build relationships between girls and their parents rather than circumventing parental notification laws?
  • Admit that you practice a form of eugenics even today by intentionally setting up your clinics in the more impoverished parts of town and, percentage-wise, aborting more black children than white children?
  • Admit that you actively lobby for abortion rights and pursue your own interests?  (In 2006, PP hired Cecile Richards [the daughter of Ann Richards, former governor of Texas] as president.  Her experience is not in health care at all, but in political action.  Her previous work as as a union organizer, as the founder of “Texas Freedom network” [formed to battle pro-life groups in Texas], as director of pro-choice projects for the Turner Foundation, and as founder and president of America Votes, a coalition of 32 of the biggest and richest unions and liberal interest groups in the country.)

Planned Parenthood, one of your own clinic directors has been quoted, saying, “If Planned Parenthood had no abortion, it would see its soul unravel.”  (Thomas Webber, former director of PP of Minnesota/South Dakota, The (St. Paul) Pioneer Press, July 27, 2000).

SOURCES: Teenwire.com, Planned Parenthood, Childpredators.com, Pro-Life Action Ministries, STOPP International, Life Dynamics, The Eliott Institute, Silent No More, Word of Hope, The Lighthouse, Ramah International, Lutherans For Life, and Concerned Women for America, Dr. Joe McIlhaney, Dr. Miriam Grossman, and Dr. Meg Meeker — for starters!

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