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I’m not a Catholic, but I encourage you to view a TV ad created by the Catholic Church.  It speaks to this period in our nation’s history.  It speaks to every citizen who values their freedom of religion (not to be confused with the freedom to worship).

I care very much about this country and the direction it chooses to go.  I care because I’ve been blessed to be an American.  I would like for my grandchildren to enjoy such blessings as well.

I’m not impressed with party politics — Democrat or Republican.  Like George Washington, a candidate should be chosen because of what he stands for.  Like Washington, he should be tested by fire.  Washington didn’t want to be president, but he knew much was at stake.  Things like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (definition: the desire to do right things).  The White House is the people’s house.  Anyone taking up short-term residency should fall on their knees under the sheer weight of responsibility.  They should do what they’re called to do as if their life depends on it, then return to real families, neighborhoods, school districts, and congregations.  Oh, and a real wage for honest labor.

At stake this election year is the very foundation of America as we know it.  A foundation forged by fire.  Would you please take a moment to watch?  Then, vote as if the liberties you prize depend on it.


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