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bride & groom at altarDefenders of marriage at the Family Research Council recently posted a blog entitled “Why Marriage Should Be Privileged in Public Policy.”  What follows is a brief excerpt.

Marriage is the most important social act, one that involves much more than just the married couple. To begin with, extended families are merged and renewed through a wedding. It is also through marriage that the community and the nation are renewed. A new home is formed when a couple marries, one open to the creation of new life. These children are the future. Marriage also has beneficial social and health effects for both adults and children, and these gifts benefit the community and the whole society. Conversely, it is through the breakdown of marriage that society is gravely harmed. The future of the nation depends on the creation of good marriages and good homes for children.

Among marriage’s many benefits to society is an increased respect for and protection of human life, since married women are less likely to abort their children than are unmarried women. Married-parent families contribute to safer and better communities with less substance abuse and crime among young people, as well as less poverty and welfare dependency. Also, married parents help prevent young people from engaging in premarital sex and having out-of-wedlock births; they are also likely to produce young adults who view marriage positively and maintain life-long marriages. Marriage brings many health and economic benefits to society and helps citizens to be more involved in communities.

Because marriage serves a public purpose–namely, procreation and the benefit of children and society–government can legitimately privilege marriage and seek to strengthen it in its policies. Other relationships such as cohabitation and homosexuality do not benefit children and society, and, therefore, should not be supported by government. There is no evidence showing that these relationships have the same positive effects as marriage. In fact, there is considerable evidence that they have detrimental effects on both children and adults.

Please read the entire post on FRC’s blog.  There are a great many reasons for the government to guard marriage.  All of them have to do with the health, welfare and defense of our nation and civilization as a whole.

(Thanks, Bob, for being part of the FRC team!)

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On September 14, a lone man with a gun walked through the doors of the Family Research Council (FRC) in Washington, D.C.  He did not have good intentions in mind.  When confronted by the security guard, the man took aim and shot.  Thankfully, the security guard was not fatally injured.

Apparently, the young man who opened fire was involved with a LGBT group.  It’s been reported that he held a grudge against the FRC because it exposes the homosexual lifestyle as harmful.  The FRC takes a strong stand for Biblical marriage and family.

A faithful friend of our family is on staff at the FRC.  Upon learning of the shooting, I was quick to text my friend.  I wanted to know if he was safe.  As God would have it, my friend was working on a manuscript from home.  He had made contact with his fellow staff members and, later, his friend the security guard.

What follows are excerpts from my friend’s e-mail to me on August 16.  His thoughts are of the young man who pulled the trigger.  My friend wrote:

. . . First, it should be obvious the fellow needs a refresher course in the Golden Rule.

Second, don’t throw your life away, young man, for such stupid stuff.

I visit a friend in prison regularly.  It’s an eye-opener.  I doubt we’d have much crime in this country if everyone visited prisons.

This wretch will not have a good time as a gay activist or volunteer in prison.

The logic of his stance is we are hateful so he shoots us.

Now all the gay groups have rallied to say their “thoughts” are with us.  Fine.  Good for them.

And we don’t support “hate crimes” legislation, so we’re not hollering “hate crime!”

All crime is hate crime.

It would help if the gay groups would agree to stop calling us a hate group just because we oppose them overturning marriage.

We’re not going to stop backing True Marriage.

No, my FRC friend for life, we’re not.  We can’t.  Why?  Because the God who instituted marriage and family defined them.  We either stand on the created order of His Word, or fall into chaos.

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