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A long time ago, I began to wonder: Would the generation that ushered in legalized abortion be ushered out by legalized euthanasia?  Maybe… because so many of the people that could have supported us in our senior years are missing.

Since 1973, over 50 million babies have been aborted in the U.S. alone.  What is the impact of so many missing persons?  So many heads to think?  Hearts to love?  Hands to serve?

There are approximately 76 million in my generation of babyboomers.  There are only 17 million of my sons’ generation.   (Can you get your arms around that one?)

Ask anyone in my family and they’ll tell you I’m not good with numbers.  But, with some 2008 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Social Security Administration, Guttmacher Institute, and National Center for Health Statistics, I’ve got some big numbers for your consideration.  If abortion had not been legalized in 1973 . . .

  • 17,250,839 more people would have been employed
  • $398,900,760,733 earned by those employees
  • $11,105,397,179 contributed to Medicare
  • $47,485,146,558 contributed to Social Security
  • 3,432,000 more retired workers could receive average monthly social security benefit check
  • 2,165,707 more people could receive Medicare Hospital Insurance

What is the economic impact of abortion?  What do 50 million + missing persons mean?  It has been said that the basis of any economy is its population, or human element.  Consider that the parents of 50 million children are not shopping for diapers, toys, or school books.  50 million children won’t require teachers.  50 million children won’t grow up to work, spend, save, marry, start families, build houses, invest wages, be innovative or use their skills.  50 million children won’t become adults who pay taxes.  50 million children won’t think, love or serve.

Perhaps, in missing these persons, we will be sorry and ask for forgiveness.  A Cross beckons us to journey from hopelessness to hopefulness.  From deception to truth.  From death to life.  When I look at my grandchildren, I see the promise.  I see heads to think.  Hearts to love.  Hands to serve.

It’s true that the consequences of our sins carry to the third and fourth generations.  But, God’s mercy in Christ is to thousands of generations that love Him.

(I am grateful to my friend, Chuck Asay,
for his editorial cartoon.)

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My grandparents had common sense, and generally used it.  It served them so well that they faithfully passed it on to my parents.  It served them well, too, so they shared with me.   But, whenever I’m about to use the term these days, I hesitate.  Sense isn’t so common anymore.

Tonight, while sitting at the intersection of six lanes from four directions, I looked at the traffic lights with new appreciation.  (I was also grateful for my driver’s ed instructor who had schooled me in how to properly navigate my vehicle in the midst of other vehicles.)  And yet, when it comes to healthy and safe relationships between boys and girls, there is this ridiculous notion that we should take down the traffic lights and let the children do whatever “feels right.”  (Planned Parenthood, is there something about children you don’t like?)

Oh, silly me.  I forgot that Planned Parenthood is the same organization that has helped abort 50 million of this country’s sons and daughters.  Unfortunately, the very generation that ushered in legalized abortion could very well be ushered out by euthanasia.  It’s impossible, you know, for aborted people to support 76 million aging baby boomers.

No wonder the AARP is driving Congress and pushing for national health care.  My generation forgot about tomorrow!  We were so focused on our rights, our pleasures, OURSELVES… that we didn’t want to be inconvenienced by the very people that would have generated new households, jobs, labor, goods and services, consumers, investment, innovation, new life… well, you know, all the things necessary to keep civilization moving along in the direction of hope.

Can anyone even imagine the impact of 50 million lost Americans?  Maybe, as we begin to recognize that choices have consequences, we’ll pray for Common Sense: 101 to be mandatory for graduation.  It will bring new life!

Think on this, won’t you, next time you’re stopped at a traffic light.  Then say a little thank you to those who had the common sense to put it there.

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