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For some time, I’ve been corresponding with a young man who is serving time in a federal penitentiary.  He is serving time in prison, but the weight of his guilt has been lifted by the Lord of his life.  He is physically under lock and key, yet no longer captive to the sins of his past.  He is in prison, but not imprisoned by his circumstances.

This has not been so with a dear friend of mine who, for all practical purposes, lives a free life but is captive to the circumstances of her abortion.  Jane knows the forgiveness of Christ.  She lives a life of prayer and supplication.  But, contrary to what abortion advocates claim, my friend’s choice was neither her right nor for her benefit.  No one is more painfully aware of this than Jane who has a hard time forgiving herself.  The guilt that she carries has affected the relationship she treasures most on this earth.  That relationship is with her living daughter.

I don’t believe it is mandatory for a woman to confess the sin of abortion to anyone but God.  But, experience with Jane and so many other women has proven to me that the silent grief of this particular sin creates an environment of conditional love between a mother and her living child.  Do those who favor abortion rights acknowledge this?  No.  Abortion advocates claim that if a woman suffers at all following an abortion, it is because of the guilt placed on her by the pro-life community.  Jane and other women in my life who’ve made an abortion choice prove differently.  On countless occasions, Jane has reminded me that she could move on in her life as well as she did, in part, because of our friendship.  It has taken years for Jane to tell me her whole story but, in revealing each painful part, she learned she could trust that I would walk with her away from despair to the Cross.

My young friend in prison shows me that a man can be set free from the captivity of lies and deception even within the four walls of a locked cell.  Soon, I want to tell more about this young man.

My dear friend Jane shows me that while a woman may appear to enjoy the rights and benefits of abortion, this deception ultimately imprisons the soul and affects the ones we love most.  Soon, I want to tell more about my friend.  About the way that God is working to heal the relationship with her beloved daughter.  A relationship that has, for so many years, been unnaturally shaped by the lie of “my right, my choice.”

Be patient with me while I gather my thoughts and find the words to tell these stories of amazing grace.

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