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In Iowa, debate continues on the so-called “telemedicine” or “webcam abortions.”  What’s this, you ask?  A doctor does not see the woman in person, but consults by webcam.  Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa offers no appointment, walk-in abortions at its clinics without a physician on site.  How?

By offering dangerous RU 486 chemical abortions at all of their locations with a Des Moines-based abortionist consulting by webcam.  Rep. Steve King notes that this practice breaks with Iowa Code requiring an abortion to be done by a licensed physician.  The chemical abortion, RU 486, may be less messy for Planned Parenthood but it is more traumatizing for the woman because she is forced to deal with the blood and the dead baby at home — alone.

“Nine women have died in less than ten years since the drug hit the market,” reports Concerned Women for America (CWA).    How many more have died or suffered unreported complications?  The process of detecting and testing can be difficult, and families and doctors may be reluctant to report casualties from abortion.

CWA notes that the “FDA approved RU 486 without adequate trials and under intense political pressure from abortion groups and politicians.  In a tragic case of ‘ideology trumping science,’ the FDA neglected its mission to ensure drugs are safe.”  Is death preferable to pregnancy?  Is the “right to choose abortion” a priority over women’s health and safety?

Strangely enough, the FDA recently released a warning to stop using infant sleep positioners because 12 infants died in 13 years.  RU 486 is responsible for at least 9 deaths in less than 10 years.  According to their own standards, the FDA needs to warn people not to use RU 486.

So, here’s my question: Is Planned Parenthood the deceiver… or the deceived?

Satan is the deceiver of all.  Jesus called him a liar.  Jesus should know.  Jesus was there at the beginning when Eve was deceived.  He knows how desperately cunning Satan is.  Satan wanted Eve to be the mother of death.  But, even after she had sinned, God named the woman “Eve” which means: Mother of all the living.  The Triune God is the God of life, not death; hope, not despair.

Today, the deceiver is using his well-honed tactic.  He works long and hard to convince abortion providers that they are “helping” women.  Lest they forget, he reminds Planned Parenthood employees that this “choice” is legal, taxpayer-funded, and endorsed by many churches.

The liar slithers up to the woman with an unplanned pregnancy.  He senses her fear and desperation.  He has no need of a new game plan, but tempts with the same question he used with Eve.  “Did God really say . . .?”  In that moment of doubt, mother is pitted against child.  When the deed is done, the tempter becomes the acuser: “Look at what you’ve done!  Can God ever forgive you?”

Oh, yes, God can… and does.  Even as He grieves the taking of a life He has created and redeemed, God also reaches out with merciful and forgiving love.  Perhaps this is what the deceiver hates most of all.  A God who welcomes repentent sinners.

(Psalm 32:3-5; 147:3; Isaiah 61:1; 1 John 1:8-9)

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