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Ezerwoman has not written for two weeks.  I’ve been spending time with family and friends in Colorado.  It was a joy to help my uncle with words of encouragement even as he shared words of experience and wisdom with me.  It was a joy to help my older, widowed friend settle into her new home even as we both recognized that “two are better than one.”  The days were long.  There was much pouring out.  But, the Creator re-energizes me with a “Rocky Mountain high.”

Leaving the grand mesa and palisade of vineyards and orchards, I climbed the majesties.  Somewhere between sparkling streams and golden aspens I remembered something a man had told me the day before.  He and his wife had built their house with wrap-around view.  “We just can’t get enough of this.”  I understood what he meant.  I haven’t been able to “get enough” of Colorado since I was a child.  I can’t “get enough,” but neither can I absorb what I see.   That’s how it is with humans.   Our eyes see and say, “I want more,” but our minds can not begin to process creation’s magnificence.

At such times, nothing is more profound than the simple.  Few words are better than many.  “Thank You, God!”

Here is the Source of my “Rocky Mountain high.”   Even while many worship the created, I have the greater privilege of worshipping the Creator.

It is to the Creator God — Father, Son and Holy Spirit — that I entrust my uncle.  My widowed friend.  All.

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