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David Kupelian is a journalist and the managing editor of the on-line news giant WorldNetDaily.com  Kupelian is also the author of How Evil Works.  The book is a quick and refreshing read for those who recognize America’s cultural and moral decline.  Kupelian prefaces his book, commenting that it’s usually theologians and psychologists that speak or write about evil.  As a reporter, however, he has documented evil and become all-too familiar with its consequences.

Kupelian writes from a unique perspective which may surprise you.

Kupelian notes that evil comes from pride, arrogance, envy; in other words, original sin.  He is not afraid to blow the whistle on what’s happening in our homes, schools and government.

I recommend that you order How Evil Works.  Kupelian reveals the hidden mechanisms that allow lies and deception to take root in modern America, but also offers suggestions to “prevail in a culture gone mad”.  Here are a few highlights:

  • Europe and the UK, once the crown of Western civilization, are firmly in the grip of secular (de facto atheistic) socialism which suffocates their once-vibrant Christian culture and seduces their citizens into giving up their hard-won freedoms.
  • The U.S. has a transcendent heritage of liberty rooted in self-government and personal responsibility, but in recent decades, we have been seduced by professors and leaders who claim the “self-evident truths” the founders relied upon are just outdated and dangerous myths.
  • Some who seek power over us win our support by appealing to the basest part of us — hate, dissatisfaction, greed, and especially envy.  Stirring up and igniting these dark and addictive passions, power seekers can seduce us away from our inner dependency on God and instead create a massive voting bloc of people dependent on them.
  • The encouragement of immorality — sexual promiscuity, abortion, easy divorce — is all part and parcel of the socialist modus operandi because dissolute, dysfunctional people who have crossed the moral line and thus become estranged from the laws of God now need the “god” of socialist government.
  • There really is an all-knowing God.  He really does create human beings whose true purpose is to discover ultimate fulfillment through obedience to Him in all things.  It’s simple fact that our lives go badly when we defy His laws, which besides being written in the Bible are also “written” clearly inside each of us (“self-evident truth”).
  • We are in rebellion against the true God and, in that state, we need lies and deception to maintain our illusions — and people who love power are all too eager to step up and play that role for us.
  • We elect liars as leaders because we actually need lies if we’re avoiding inner truth.  For example, if we’ve had an abortion, but are in denial over the fact that we ended a life, we might be attracted by the lies of an eloquent “pro-choice” politician defending abortion as a cherished constitutional right.

David Kupelian reminds us that God’s Word admonishes us mortals to choose life over death, good over evil.

How Evil Works addresses topics of sexual anarchy, terrorism, mental illness, false gods, militant atheism, the war on fathers, and the mysterious power of hate.  Kupelian offers rare insights from persecuted saints of the past.  As a man of hope in the battle between good and evil, Kupelian offers suggestions for prevailing against a culture gone mad.

You won’t be disappointed.

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Last night, I posted a blog with my personal concerns about the Obama administration’s mandate of “end-of-life-care counseling.  Today, I learned that the administration has agreed to remove the regulation.  Officials cited procedural reasons for the decision, although the New York Times indicates political considerations — the enormous outpouring of opposition — played a role.

A presidential official told the press, “We will amend the regulation to take out voluntary advance care planning.”  According to LifeNews.com, this action followed a “massive pro-life backlash.”  For now, government health care won’t include “death panels.”

We must stay on guard.  Disability rights advocates cite alarming problems, including excessive secrecy about assisted suicide deaths, lack of oversight, and no investigation of patient abuse or coercion in states where assisted suicide is legal.  Health care for the terminally ill has been affected.  Wesley J. Smith, for example, offers the example of two cancer patients who were denied Medicare payment for chemotherapy.  Instead, they offered to pay for these individuals’ assisted suicide.  (Visit the Discovery Institute or International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide.)

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