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Oklahoma City.  Columbine.  9/11.  Fort Hood. Tucson.  Lives ended at the whim of another.  Words are used to describe the tragedy.  Express sadness.  Place blame.  Describe loss.

But, there are no adequate words to describe God’s gift of human life or really comprehend its loss.

How do we put into words the thoughts and timing of God?  What causes Him to say, “Now.  Now I desire to knit this person or that person together in his or her mother’s womb”?   How can we imagine the value of such life to the God who numbers each hair upon our head?  There are no words.

Be still and know that I am God.”

Before Him, we stand — no, kneel — in awe of his creative power.

Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?  Tell me if you have understanding (God to Job).”

What can we say to the One who “binds the chains of the Pleiades” or loosens “the cords of Orion,” who gives “the horse his might,” who commands the eagle to “mount up and make his nest on high” (Job 38-39)?

If there is a word to be said to the Giver of life, it is “Yes.”  “Yes” to each human life knit together by God’s hands.  Our “yes” to life is a “no” to death.  Death at the whim of another.  Death as a response to inconvenience.  Death as a form of control.   Death by abortion.  Death by embryonic stem cell research.  Death by assisted suicide.

Our “yes” is a whisper of trust.  In humbled reverence we are moved to care.  Serve.  Love one another… as He first loved us.


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