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On September 14, a lone man with a gun walked through the doors of the Family Research Council (FRC) in Washington, D.C.  He did not have good intentions in mind.  When confronted by the security guard, the man took aim and shot.  Thankfully, the security guard was not fatally injured.

Apparently, the young man who opened fire was involved with a LGBT group.  It’s been reported that he held a grudge against the FRC because it exposes the homosexual lifestyle as harmful.  The FRC takes a strong stand for Biblical marriage and family.

A faithful friend of our family is on staff at the FRC.  Upon learning of the shooting, I was quick to text my friend.  I wanted to know if he was safe.  As God would have it, my friend was working on a manuscript from home.  He had made contact with his fellow staff members and, later, his friend the security guard.

What follows are excerpts from my friend’s e-mail to me on August 16.  His thoughts are of the young man who pulled the trigger.  My friend wrote:

. . . First, it should be obvious the fellow needs a refresher course in the Golden Rule.

Second, don’t throw your life away, young man, for such stupid stuff.

I visit a friend in prison regularly.  It’s an eye-opener.  I doubt we’d have much crime in this country if everyone visited prisons.

This wretch will not have a good time as a gay activist or volunteer in prison.

The logic of his stance is we are hateful so he shoots us.

Now all the gay groups have rallied to say their “thoughts” are with us.  Fine.  Good for them.

And we don’t support “hate crimes” legislation, so we’re not hollering “hate crime!”

All crime is hate crime.

It would help if the gay groups would agree to stop calling us a hate group just because we oppose them overturning marriage.

We’re not going to stop backing True Marriage.

No, my FRC friend for life, we’re not.  We can’t.  Why?  Because the God who instituted marriage and family defined them.  We either stand on the created order of His Word, or fall into chaos.

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What do the Divine Service and sex education have in common?  Nothing.

The Divine Service, with its ordered liturgy and reverence, is not common.  It is not casual.  It is not “do it myself;” rather, it is the Holy God “doing” for me.

Filled by God with His Word and Sacrament, my behavior as a woman of God should not be common.  My choices and behavior should put me at odds with the theories and trends of the world.

What I teach and how I teach it should not be common.  I should, with no apologies, instruct using God’s Word and mentor winsomely in the way of Jesus.  I should resist adapting worldly theories, fooling myself with the nonsense that I can sort “good” from “bad, and attempting to wrap the Word of God around the common.

Sex education is common.  It is worldly.  Tragically, especially for boys and girls, it is accepted by the secular world and many in the church.  Instruction in purity is not common.  It calls me and the people I mentor to be different.  Set apart.  That’s because, as God’s possession and treasures in Christ Jesus, we are different.  What we do flows from our identity as men and women called for holy purpose.

Consider me strange, but I think that Biblical instruction in purity is very much like the Divine Service.  Both are not common.  Both seem strange.  Antiquated.  “Too righteous.”   Both are criticized for being difficult.  Perhaps even “unrealistic.”  But, that’s how it is with things that are not common.  Holy things.  Things of God grow out of different soil.

The Divine Service and instruction in purity both speak to our true identity in Christ.  In Him, we are new creations called to live differently.  Even as new creations we are still sinful males and females who, on this earth, will always be tempted to determine our own worship practice and our own sexual behavior.  Therefore, we are in desperate need of the God who is separated from the common.

Divinely served by God through my pastor on Sunday morning, I am equipped to live different from a secular world the rest of the week.  Failing often during the week, I return again on Sunday to be Divinely served and strengthened.

Instructed in the purity of Biblical manhood and womanhood, boys and girls are equipped to live different from the world and better resist the sinful nature that will surely tempt them throughout all their earthly life.  Failing often, they can return to a life of purity because being different – not common – means being a treasure of Jesus Christ.  His forgiveness for every treasured soul is new every morning.

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For now, I’m putting discussion about sex education aside to consider another life issue.  Michael Cook of MercatorNet writes:

“The classic 60s family-friendly cowboy TV series Bonanza, about a patriarch and his three sons on a half a million acres in 1870s Nevada may not seem like a place to look for lessons about euthanasia. But this episode, which screened on November 17, 1963 is an example of how far society has changed. A friend of Little Joe confesses to him that he administered a mercy killing to his future father-in-law after a mining accident. Little Joe has misgivings, but is sympathetic. Then he talks to Dad — Ben Cartwright — who explains to him why no one ever has a right to take a life. Very nostalgic.  ~ Thanks to Walter Pless.”

Please watch the Bonanza episode here.

My appreciation to Careful, a MercatorNet focus blog on euthanasia (8/9/12),
Editor Michael Cook

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