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On March 24th, it is estimated that thousands will celebrate the faith of atheism at the Washington Mall in D.C.  The event, called “The Reason Rally,” will feature famed atheist, Richard Dawkins.  Among those attending will be Missouri State University’s atheist club known as the “Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.”  

Chuck Colson explains that atheist groups, often filled with young adults who grew up in Christian homes, are increasing on college campuses.  According to the Barna Research Group, three in five “Christian” kids abandon the church after the age of 15.  Eighty-four percent of 18-29 year-olds who call themselves “Christians” admit that they have no idea how the Bible applies to their occupation.  What do you say?  Has the church done a poor job of teaching our young people that reason and faith are not opposites?  Do you think atheism more reasonable than Christianity?  Many young people find themselves at the university completely unequipped to defend the rationality of the Christian faith against the secular worldview so prevalent on college campuses.

A group called Ratio Christi (Latin: “The Reason for Christ”) is doing something about this by starting  student apologetic clubs (apologetics: defense of the faith).  They want to reclaim the intellectual battle ground on campuses.  Questions such as, “Does God really exist?” and “Is Christianity consistent with science?” are discussed.  “Ratio Christi,” said a student at North Carolina State, “has given me a rational and logical defense of my faith.  When I dialogue with atheists, they are shocked that I have a defense. When I run into skeptics, they are overwhelmed by the amount of evidence supporting creation.  When I talk to Christians with questions about this, they find that their belief has a strong, historical foundation that cannot be shaken.” 

I echo Chuck Colson who said, “Folks, this is music to my ears.  A young, bright, college kid who gets it — and who is willing to defend the faith and make the case that Christianity is truly the only reasonable worldview there is.” 

NOTE:  I am indebted to Chuck Colson and his team for the way they keep me informed.  The information above was gleaned from Breakpoint (2/20/2012).  Visit Breakpoint to learn more about Ratio Christi and another group, Veritas.  Also, Colson provides a helpful chart that shows various worldviews.  Go to Breakpoint and, under “Further Reading and Information,” click on the “Worldview Grid” link.  Do not fear the flying spaghetti monster.  It is only the figment of doubting minds.  Ezerwoman

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Students identifying themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (LGBTQ)  are asking conservative, evangelical colleges to change policies and theology to reflect their “sexuality” and behavioral choices.

In his article for CitizenLink (6-13-11), Jeff Johnston notes that LGBTQ students are rallying on the campuses of Cedarville University, Hope College, Seattle Pacific University, Wheaton College, and more.  The Wheaton LGBTQ website states, “We do not believe there is anything wrong with being gay.  We don’t just believe otherwise, we live happily, and even faithfully, otherwise.”

The Cedarville group concurs, “Most of us still identify as Christian and are joined in our belief that God made us gay and that being gay is not a sin.  Instead of a burden or a struggle, we see our and everyone’s sexuality as a gift.”

Once again, I take issue with God “making people to be homosexual.”  Does a loving God create a person who can’t “fit” together with another to procreate and bring new life into the world?  Does a loving God sit in heaven and laugh when homosexual behavior produces STDs, anal cancer, and HIV/AIDS?

Johnston is correct.  “To affirm homosexuality and transgenderism takes some major Scripture twisting.”  Evangelical colleges and universities would have to change basic tenets of the Christian faith in order to embrace LGBTQ theology.  Johnston gives three examples:

  • Humanity is created male and female in the image of God.
  • God established marriage to bring into union a husband and wife and as the foundation for procreation and family.
  • The metaphor of husband and wife is the central biblical image that illustrates God’s deep passion for His people and Christ’s love for His Bride, the Church.

To affirm homosexual or transgender behavior is to ignore 5000 years of Judeo-Christian foundational teaching.  More, as Johnston states, it assaults the core features of what it means to be human.

Doubting God’s Word was the first — and still most troublesome — sin.  It ruins relationships, first with God and then with others.  God will not have us doubt His Word.  Tweak it.  Distort it.  But, He would have us use His Word to changes hearts and minds.  To treat even those who doubt His Word with kindness.

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